Nickel District Hockey League - AGM

Posted by Web Master on Apr 28 2022 at 04:51AM PDT in Season 2021-2022

When Sunday, May 29
Where Garson Arena, Upper Hall
Time 11am-2pm

Agenda will be forwarded the week prior to the meeting.

Important Note
Attendance at this meeting is crucial to the continuance of the League.

As was noted in a previous email to the member League contacts (Feb.12), concerning succession planning, substantially all of the Executive Board of the League will not be returning next season, as they move on to other endeavours. This includes all Conveners.
(At this point in time, only Angela Vendette (Vice President), has indicated that she is willing to continue on with her involvement in the Executive. She has indicated though, that her plans do not include putting her name forward for President.)

Please note the following, from the NDHL Constitution.

NDMHL Constitution- Article 4 “Meetings”
1. Two general meetings shall be held each year. One shall be the Annual General Meeting and the other shall be a scheduled meeting in September of each year. It shall be mandatory for one representative of each team to attend these meetings. The President may call any additional meetings as required. A fine of one hundred dollars ($100) per team will be levied against an association that does not send one team representative for each team planning on competing in a division.

Although most member Associations did not run Spring tryouts this year, and may not know 100% whether all planned teams will be iced come September, it is the opinion of the current Executive, that the above article #4, can be considered, with respect to attendance commitments for this meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.

If this message should be forwarded on to a different contact for your association, please do so accordingly.

Thank You
Joe McColeman, President
Nickel District Hockey League


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