2022-2023 Q&A

Posted by Web Master on Sep 22 2022 at 05:11AM PDT in Season 2022-2023

NCHA board of directors have received an overwhelming number of inquiries and we’d like to answer them with a series of Q&A

Q- Now that the tryouts are nearly completed for NCHA’s AAA & AA clubs, do we know how many A teams will be iced?

A-Each year the board is faced with this question, and we won’t know this until we see the number of players and the talent pool that will remain at each level.

Q- If you ice more than 1 club in any category, how will these teams be split.*

A-The simplest way to divide these teams is to split them East (Nickel Centre to Val Caron) and West (Lively to Blezard Valley). These clubs would be made up of Minor and Major aged players.

Q-If you do have more than 1 club at any given level, will they be divided into Minor and Major Categories.*

A-Due to the fact that they’re isn’t enough competition for Minor A teams in the Nickel District League, NCHA wouldn’t support this approach.

Q-Have you secured potential coaches should NCHA proceed with additional teams.*

A-We are very fortunate that we have a pool of coaches who have stepped up to take these additional teams should we go that route.

Your NCHA board of directors.*


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