Nickel City Hockey Association AGM

Posted by NCHA on Apr 03 2023 at 06:46PM PDT in Season 2022-2023
image Nickel City will be holding our Annual General Meeting Monday May 15th 2023 at 7pm at the Edgar Leclair hall in Azilda .

Proposed amendments to the NCHA constitution are due by April 17 2023 at midnight. Below is the section of our constitution on amendments.Constitution can be found on our website under documents.
7.1 Proposals for amendments to an Article of the constitution must be forwarded in writing and received by the Board secretary at least four (4) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All proposed amendments received by that deadline must be posted on the NCHA website at least seven (7) days prior to the AGM. All proposals submitted must contain the name and address of the proposer. All amendments must be accepted by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of those in attendance at the AGM.

Nominations for Board of directors are also due by April 17 2023 at midnight
5.4 Executive Board Election
5.4.1 The election of the Executive Board will take place at the AGM;
5.4.2 All elected officers forming the Executive Board shall be nominated and seconded by a member in good standing with the NCHA. Potential officers do not have to have a child registered in the NCHA nor do they have to live in District 2.
5.4.3 Nomination/Application for an Executive Board position must be received by the Board Secretary, in writing, at least four (4) weeks prior to the AGM. All nominations received by that deadline must be posted on the NCHA website at least seven (7) days prior to theAGM. No nominations from the floor. Nominees for Area Representative positions must reside in that area.
5.4.4 Should only one nomination be received for a position, that Individual shall be deemed to be acclaimed.
5.4.5 Should no nominations for a position be received, the Board may, at its discretion, appoint an individual who will serve until the next AGM. Appointees as Area Representative can live in any area.Any individual or individuals who wish to run for the position of President or Vice President must have sat on the board as a Director, as defined in 5.2.2, for a minimum of 2 years and has held such position of Directorship in the Nickel City Hockey Association in the preceding 4 years.
5.4.6 Election of Executive Board must be done by secret ballot

Application can be found at this link

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